Safe Apps SDK
What are Safe Apps?
With over $90B worth of digital assets held in Safe's alone, it’s essential for the dapp ecosystem to access the untapped market of multi-signature wallets. Safe Apps introduce a completely new way for developers to build their dapps right into a Multisig interface. Turn your Dapp into an HTML iframe component that can be accessed through the Safe. We are providing extensive developer tooling to make it easy to develop, test and integrate Safe Apps into the Safe. This includes a unique design system, reusable components and a Safe App SDK that facilitates the Safe App <> Safe communication.
Please refer to this EthCC3 talk to learn more about Safe Apps.
There are already Safe Apps available for a number of popular protocols such as Aave, Synthetix, 1inch or Balancer. These have been build by 3rd party developers or the projects themselves.
If you are missing a Safe App, get in touch with the respective project or get building with the Safe Apps SDK below. There is even a grants program available:

On-chain stats

There are Dune Analytics dashboards about Safe Apps available:

Existing Safe Apps

This is a list of several known public repositories containing Safe Apps for reference:


It is at the sole discretion of Gnosis to list or delist apps from the Safe. Safe Apps are not owned, controlled, maintained, or audited by Gnosis.
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