SDK Packages

You can find several packages on our developer tools to make it easier to integrate third-party applications (Safe Apps) with Safe. Check the following diagram to see which package is more convenient for you:


CRA template to quickly bootstrap a Safe App. Use this package to start a new Safe App from scratch using React.
A wrapper of safe-apps-sdk with helpful React Hooks.
JavaScript SDK. This is the base package for all integrations.
A generic provider that can be used with common web3 libraries. (e.g. web3.js or Ethers)
Blocknative included Safe App support in onboard.js v1.26.0. If you are already using this package you can check here how to configure it.
A wagmi connector for Safe Apps
A wrapper around Web3Modal that would automatically connect to the Safe when the app is loaded in the Safe Apps section.
A web3-react connector for Safe Apps.